Benieuwd wat voor lekkers er allemaal in uw Smart Fridge kan zitten?


The Smart Fridge: the coolest place at work

The Tasties Smart Fridge offers your team 24/7 access to fresh meals, snacks and beverages of the highest quality. That works better!

  • It's convenient: instantly available, with user-friendly mobile payment solutions
  • Full service: we take care of everything, from installation to delivery
  • Tailored menu: enjoy a customised menu through smart data management

What's in it for you?

Healthy food,
happy people

Good food makes people happy, also at work. With our smart, innovative and flexible fridge solutions we bring fresh, healthy and high-quality food to your work floor. All day long, we offer you a convenient, tailored and tasty food service. Your employees will love it!

Why tasties?

"Flexible working is what employees want. Flexible catering is what they need."

Get your Smart Fridge

Discover the power of good food at work. Treat your employees to a fresh and tailored menu from the Smart Fridge and boost their job satisfaction in no time – from breakfast over lunch to dinner and all snackable moments in between.

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Enjoy Tasties

Although the attention and demand for healthy food in general has steadily risen in recent times, many employees remain frustrated about the lack of a fresh, healthy and flexible food offering, within their work environment. We felt the need to offer employees the fresh food solution they deserve, so we created Tasties in 2020.

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