Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge: fresh food at work

What makes installing a Smart Fridge at the office so… smart? Easy. It is THE modern day (read: innovative & flexible) solution to make fresh food available to your employees. Healthy convenience on the go at its best.

  • Through our intelligent self-service system with contactless payment options, our Smart Fridge offers instantly available high-quality food.
  • Our unique technology enables us to meet the needs of your workforce in real-time, from breakfast to lunch and beyond-including any occasional cravings in between!
  • Our smart fridge takes up little space so it can find its place on any work floor. We only need a square meter and power outlet.

Have a taste

How it works

A Smart Fridge is really easy for your people to gain access to their favourite fresh meal. This is how they use it.

Step 1

Find your Tasties fridge and download the free Tasties app.

Step 2

Scan the QR code to unlock the fridge.

Step 3

Take as many products as you wish. Your choice is automatically charged to your account when you close the door.

Step 4

Enjoy your fresh and healthy food, anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy a full service, without efforts

We at Tasties believe that self-service is not synonymous with “no service.” After installation of the Smart Fridge, we continue to make your life easier. Our team ensures the supply of fresh products and the smooth operation of the entire underlying system. From real- time stock checks and refilling to cleaning and maintenance of the Smart Fridge, HACCP audits and development of a customised menu.

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