Make room for the futureproof office

In the future, which is now, your people will work in a more flexible and hybrid way. In this new way of working the office space must be adapted to the needs of your talents. The Tasties Smart Fridge is the perfect fit for an attractive and futureproof office.

Every time is Tasties time!

The office 2.0 will be more like a venue for community, culture and collaboration. Depending on the moment and the occasion, your people will expect different fresh food options. From a morning snack to a healthy lunch or even dinner (to take home). And that’s where a Tasties Smart Fridge comes in.

A Smart Fridge to your taste

Together with your interior decorator, architect or facility manager we deliver the Smart Fridge food solution that fits your needs.

  • Choice between different sizes of Smart Fridges
  • Compact models for an efficient use of space
  • Data driven food offering – in line with your employees’ desires
  • Fast installation, only electricity and an internet connection needed

Let’s improve your office with a Smart Fridge to your taste!